Faculty Profile: Dr. Leslie Kern

Leslie Kern is the WGST Program Director (2016-2019). Picture of Leslie KernLeslie holds a PhD in Women’s Studies (now Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies) from York University (2008). Her first position at Mount Allison was as a sabbatical replacement in Women’s Studies in 2009-10. Having never left, she is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography & Environment.

Leslie’s doctoral research into the gendered ideologies shaping condominium development in Toronto turned her into a feminist urban geographer. Over the last ten years, her research has explored neighbourhood-level gentrification at several sites in Toronto and Chicago. Currently, Leslie is writing about racialized displacement in Latinx Chicago neighbourhoods. You can find information about all of her research and publications on her website: urbancrossings.com

Leslie teaches two courses that are electives for the WGST minor: Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice (GENV 3111) and Gender, Culture & the City (GENV 4811). WGST students interested in these courses can request to have the GENV pre-requisites waived by emailing Dr. Kern at lkern at mta dot ca. Feel free to stop by AVDX 307 for WGST Program Advising on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30!






Faculty Profile: Dr. Christiana MacDougall

We’re excited to introduce Dr. Christiana MacDougall, who joins the Department of Sociology with a cross-appointment to Women’s and Gender Studies in a tenure-track role.


Christiana holds a PhD in Social Work from Memorial University of Newfoundland (2017). Her research explored trauma and emotional distress in childbirth. The findings of Christiana’s research upset the view of emotional distress in childbirth as individual pathology, and instead demonstrate how gender-based (sexist) discourses, dominant ideas about childbirth, and structural issues interact with rights violations in childbirth to result in distressing childbirth experiences.

Christiana is also a register social worker, and a feminist therapist, and has been in engaged in direct practice for the past 20+ years. Most of that time was spent in the mental health field working primarily with women with histories of traumatic life experiences.

Before moving into social work, Christiana received a BSc in physics from Mount Allison (1993) and has always had an interest in the way the natural and social sciences interact and understand each other. And so, Christiana is excited to be teaching a new course in the winter term “Gender and Science” (WGST 3991) which will explore some of these and other issues.

Christiana is thrilled to be back at Mount Allison as a new faculty member. Feel free to pop in for a chat with her. She can be found in Avard Dixon Rm 221.

Fall 2017: Gearing up for a new term!

As the new semester approaches, WGST at Mount Allison is excited to share that our faculty complement has expanded with three new tenure-track faculty members with primary or partial cross-appointments to our program. We will introduce each person in depth in future posts!

The program would like to thank all those near and far who offered their support and worked hard to ensure that this program is adequately staffed well into the future.


Keep the pressure on!

Thank you to everyone for the support and for helping to pressure the university to restore some funding to Women’s and Gender Studies.

We may have some partial help next year in the form of two stipends. This means money to pay a part-time faculty member to teach two courses for just over $6000 each.

We are not out of the woods yet. We had been told to expect nothing and only received money for half the core courses after a better-than-expected provincial budget and significant public attention. This is an indication of where WGST stands in the university’s priorities, and we do not yet have a plan for the continuing of the program.

The program is not sustainable at this level of funding and requires a sign of long-term commitment from the university.

Please help keep the pressure on! Students and alumni, let the university know what WGST means to you. Colleagues here at Mount A, let the university know that we need transparency and genuine communication. Supporters and colleagues across Canada, thank you so much for your letters, tweets, and posts.

The WGST Student Society Facebook page has information about upcoming student action. There is a letter writing campaign Friday, Feb. 4 from 12-4pm in McCain 125; letter templates will also be made available.