Media coverage

In early 2016, the WGST program was told that its status in the university budget was uncertain. Below is some of the media coverage of this issue from earlier this year.

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February 17:

CHMA: “Popular MTA women’s program gets reprieve” (audio)

Wark Times Blog: “Mt. A student activism wins one-year reprieve for popular women’s program

February 11:

The Argosy: “Precarious WGST budget mobilizes students” (see also editorials and cartoons in this edition)

February 10:

CHMA: “Mount Allison faces a budget crunch next year” (audio)

February 9:

Rabble: “In the wake of budget cuts and cancelled programs, the humanities need gender studies more than ever

February 8:

The Coast: “Mount Allison will now only cut gender studies funding by half” (see clarification in FAQ).

Halifax Media Co-op: “We are prepared to do whatever it will take to save our program

CHMA: “Mt. A. student protest gets results” (audio)

February 5:

Wark Times blog: “Student protest raises questions for administrators at Mount Allison

CBC: “Mount Allison students protest cuts to gender studies program

CHMA: “Mount Allison students protest against cuts” (audio)

Buzzfeed: “Students are fighting back against cuts to the women’s studies program at Mount Allison University

February 4:

CHMA: “Mount Allison students fight cut to women’s and gender studies” (audio)

Buzzfeed: “Words from a WGST grad

February 2:

The Coast: “Mount Allison’s plan to gut its women’s studies program

Huffington Post: “Mount Allison University Cutting Women’s Studies Program, Prof Says

CTV: “Mount A students speak out against potential cuts to women and gender studies program” (video)

CBC: “Mount Allison students rally to save women and gender studies program

CBC: “Mount Allison drops women’s and gender studies program, says prof