Updated August 23.

Question: What is the status of 2016-17 course offerings in WGST?

Answer: In early spring 2016 the program was able to hire a McCain Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow to teach the four core WGST courses (1001, 2101, 3101, 4001). Across the university, numerous elective WGST courses are being offered. Students can check the Academic Calendar, and the Fall/Winter Timetables.

Question: What will happen after 2016-2017?

Answer: This postdoctoral position is only for one year. The future status of course offerings remains in question until tenure track faculty can be hired. The program will be proposing tenure track hiring to the Provost and University Planning Committee this fall.

Question: Why do universities need WGST anyways?

Answer: Here’s a wonderful round-up of links that point to the reasons why we need rigorous feminist analysis in our classrooms from Hook & Eye: Why We Need Women’s and Gender Studies Programs.