Updated August 8 2017.

Question: What is the status of 2017-2018 course offerings in WGST?

Answer: We are delighted to offer all four core courses (WGST 1001, 2101, 3101 and 4001) this academic year. We are also offering a NEW special topics course on Gender & Science in the winter term.


Question: Is WGST at Mount Allison at risk?

Answer: In spring 2017, three new tenure-track faculty members were hired at Mount Allison with primary or partial cross-appointments in WGST. We believe that these hires will allow us the stability to offer our full course complement each year and to maintain the WGST minor for the foreseeable future.


Question: Why do universities need WGST anyways?

Answer: Here’s a wonderful round-up of links that point to the reasons why we need rigorous feminist analysis in our classrooms from Hook & Eye: Why We Need Women’s and Gender Studies Programs.