Keep the pressure on!

Thank you to everyone for the support and for helping to pressure the university to restore some funding to Women’s and Gender Studies.

We may have some partial help next year in the form of two stipends. This means money to pay a part-time faculty member to teach two courses for just over $6000 each.

We are not out of the woods yet. We had been told to expect nothing and only received money for half the core courses after a better-than-expected provincial budget and significant public attention. This is an indication of where WGST stands in the university’s priorities, and we do not yet have a plan for the continuing of the program.

The program is not sustainable at this level of funding and requires a sign of long-term commitment from the university.

Please help keep the pressure on! Students and alumni, let the university know what WGST means to you. Colleagues here at Mount A, let the university know that we need transparency and genuine communication. Supporters and colleagues across Canada, thank you so much for your letters, tweets, and posts.

The WGST Student Society Facebook page has information about upcoming student action. There is a letter writing campaign Friday, Feb. 4 from 12-4pm in McCain 125; letter templates will also be made available.


The fight to keep Women’s and Gender Studies at Mount Allison

On Monday, February 1, the Program Director for Women’s and Gender Studies was told by the Dean of Arts that there would be no funding for the program in 2016-7. This information was relayed to the minors in the WGST program.

Since then, there has been a great deal of mobilization to fight for the program, from students, faculty, staff, and friends beyond the university. Thank you, everyone!

There seem to be a lot of questions about what’s going on, and so we have put up this website to try to answer some of them.