Faculty Profile: Dr. Leslie Kern

Leslie Kern is the WGST Program Director (2016-2019). Picture of Leslie KernLeslie holds a PhD in Women’s Studies (now Gender, Feminist, and Women’s Studies) from York University (2008). Her first position at Mount Allison was as a sabbatical replacement in Women’s Studies in 2009-10. Having never left, she is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography & Environment.

Leslie’s doctoral research into the gendered ideologies shaping condominium development in Toronto turned her into a feminist urban geographer. Over the last ten years, her research has explored neighbourhood-level gentrification at several sites in Toronto and Chicago. Currently, Leslie is writing about racialized displacement in Latinx Chicago neighbourhoods. You can find information about all of her research and publications on her website: urbancrossings.com

Leslie teaches two courses that are electives for the WGST minor: Gender, Race, and Environmental Justice (GENV 3111) and Gender, Culture & the City (GENV 4811). WGST students interested in these courses can request to have the GENV pre-requisites waived by emailing Dr. Kern at lkern at mta dot ca. Feel free to stop by AVDX 307 for WGST Program Advising on Wednesdays from 1:30-2:30!





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